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Healthy rum cranberry cake made with almond flour and wheat flour. It is a Christmas classic cake for your loved ones. Serve it warm for this holidays. www.clovesandcaramel.com

Rum Cranberry Cake

It is the holiday season and time for the classics. The rum cake is one such recipe. This is generally found across the Caribbean islands famous for rum. I have been trying to perfect my recipe for the past few weeks and end up making it three times. This time, it turned out very good. Last week I made this recipe to… Read more →

Gajar Halwa – Carrot Halva

It is such a simple easy Indian sweet with fresh carrots and milk for an after meal treat. Gajar halwa is usually made across India on Diwali, Sankranti, Holi festivals and for other family celebrations. It is surprising that this dessert could taste so heavenly with just handful of ingredients. There could be nothing more satisfactory than a bowl of… Read more →