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Garam masala is a mix of aromatic, exotic and versatile blend of whole spices. It is a breeze to make and is great in curries, soups, dals, kebabs, pulao, biryani etc. www.clovesandcaramel.com

Garam Masala

We were almost ready for the spring weather, making plans to start our herb garden for the year. Me and the husband were discussing about or action plan to get rid of the pesky weeds that seem to have overrun our yard. But what we did not expect was one last punch from the winter in the form of a… Read more →

Homemade curry powder is the all-purpose powder which is an integral spice blend for the Indian cuisine. It is quick, easy and natural. It tastes so much better than the store bought brands. www.clovesandcaramel.com

Spice Mix – Madras Curry Powder

Curry is a mixture of spice blends generally used in Asian cuisine. It is considered to be world’s one of the oldest seasonings. All though curry is associated with India, many other countries in the Asian continent have an array of curry dishes in their cuisines and the¬†British introduced curry to the western world.The word curry is the name adopted… Read more →