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Buckwheat arepas topped with shiitake mushrooms, green peppers and onions. Seasoned with oregano and garnished cilantro. Healthy and gluten free. - www.clovesandcaramel.com

Buckwheat Mushroom Arepas

Every once in awhile, when we get bored of the regular burger place or the Japanese restaurant or our to-go Indian restaurant, we go to this Mexican restaurant near by. We like the portion size here as it is not too big like most Mexican restaurants. We were there a few weeks ago and got some tacos. I have been… Read more →

Carrot Cardamom Granola: Healthy carrot oats granola, flavored with cardamom. No refined sugars or added sweeteners. Quick and easy. Perfect for breakfast or as a healthy snack that you can adapt and customize. www.clovesandcaramel.com

Carrot Cardamom Granola

Today is the Spring equinox. The first day of the year, when the day equals night. It marks the beginning of longer days and new beginnings. I love breakfast. Not just because it is the first meal of the day, but also the most important meal of the day. I have been looking into healthy breakfast alternatives to the cereal… Read more →

Perfect iced instant vegan cold coffee for the summers, made with almond milk, coconut cream, coconut water and no added sugar. @clovesandcaramel.com

Vegan instant cold coffee

Coffee is the fuel that runs the work engines in offices across the  modern world. While I am not a regular coffee drinker, I always enjoyed my coffee “hot”. I had always preferred that version over colder one. My first cold coffee experience was Starbucks mocha frappucino and I must say, I liked it. Back in 2014, I tried going vegan and… Read more →