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Peach Raspberry Sorbet

Its summertime and that means lots of cold treats for dessert. Ice cream is a very common dessert but we can also try Sorbet /ˈsɔrbeɪ/ . The word “sorbet” is derived from the arabic word “Sharab” (alcohol) and a corruption of the word for the refreshing drink “Sherbet” a derivative of the same root. For today’s recipe I present to you – Peach Raspberry… Read more →

Traditional rice pudding with milk, sugar and aromatic spices. Garnished with nuts and pomegranate seeds. A delight to the eyes and your taste buds.

Rice Pudding / Kheer/ Payasam

Festivals in India are always accompanied by sweets. Lots of sweets. An amazing variety of colors and textures. Many of the recipes are specific to the region and people take pride in them. Cities are famous for specific sweets – Mysorepak from Mysore or Petha from Agra are quite well known. Another ubiquitous dessert is kheer or payasam. Generally a form of pudding made with… Read more →

Healthy decadent dark chocolate avocado mousse made with no added sugar. Perfect for the fourth of July long weekend or as a party food. www.clovesandcaramel.com

Dark Chocolate Avocado Mousse

It’s the fourth of July long weekend. Time to relax and enjoy the awesome firework displays. I believe decadent dessert always makes any fun occasion much more enjoyable. Though generally associated with calories and unhealthy amounts of sugar and fat, desserts – if prepared with some healthy ingredients and substitutes can be every bit as decadent and delicious and still… Read more →

Sweet and Spicy Pickled Cherries

    Pickling is one of the oldest known processes for preservation of food. While the advances in refrigeration techniques have pretty much eliminated the need for preservation techniques like pickling, the process still continues to thrive because of many other reasons. Many people enjoy the texture and flavor of pickled things. It is amazing that we can pickle almost anything.… Read more →

Bananas and berries have always been a classic combination for regular ice creams and smoothies.This is a vegan dairy free twist and a healthy version of it

Banana berry vegan ice cream

In the spirit of Friday, I present to you a guilt free delicious dessert that is so good, I have it instead of a breakfast or a dinner sometimes. It is full of fruity goodness and can be made in a jiffy. bananas and berries have always been a classic combination from regular ice creams to famous smoothies. This banana… Read more →