PR & Advertising

Cloves and caramel is a PR friendly blog. I would be happy to engage and partner with brands and companies that fit my style of blogging and could benefit my readers. Keeping the credibility and integrity of the blog,  I’m very selective about what brands I’m going to partner with.

I Sneha Kattinti, believe that a blog requires careful planning, persistence, maintenance of  public relations and most of all have fun doing what you love. I enjoy partnering with companies and brands and I only support those I feel are genuine.

I would be happy to consider

— Product reviews

— Food Photography

— Sponsored posts

— Collaborations

— Giveaways

— Restaurant tie ups

— Consultations (Food and Menu)

— Brand partnership / Associations

— Freelance writing

— Guest bloggers

— Recipe development

— Social media campaigns

— Food styling

Please feel free to contact me at with the basic idea of your project and your expectations from me. I’ll be happy to provide my rates based on that.

At all times, especially with product reviews honest opinions will be given and cloves and caramel will always inform you in the header and the footer of the blog post.

Affiliate links

Occasionally I link few products and services of the brands I like and use. If you click the affiliate link and make a purchase I get a small commission, it helps in supporting the costs associated with creating the content that you love.

Disclosures :

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) requires to disclose the affiliate relationship clearly and conspicuously to the readers. So they can take that information into consideration while reading the endorsement. I will disclose that information in the beginning and the end of the post. Please be aware, that I will only support those companies and brands that I belive in.