Piña colada

A laid back summer vacation on a tropical island – with a cold cocktail with an umbrella is an awesome way to recharge your batteries and get back to the mad rush of day to day life. While it might not always be possible to take that dream vacation and have everything perfect, you can always make that drink with an umbrella right in your kitchen 🙂

With staycations becoming more and more popular,  I sometimes wonder, if it is a good idea. I guess it depends on what you want from a vacation. While it is true that a staycation gives you almost all the fun of a vacation – the lazy mornings and the laid back afternoons where we do nothing, but also avoid the inevitable stress of planning and executing that perfect vacation where things happen as planned. But the vacation where we actually get out of our routine life and for a short period go somewhere exotic and forget all about the mundane problems does have its own unique charm.

For those of you, who are still thinking – “What the hell is a staycation?” , Its a vacation where you stay at home and have fun rather than go to a far away place and spend tons of money and get exhausted by the time you return to your home 🙂


I fell in love with pineapples on my vacation to Hawaii. It is by far the best pineapple that I tasted in my life. And it was during this trip that I had the best Piña colada of my life. It is amazing that just two ingredients blended together can make something so delicious. No wonder it has become a proud symbol of sorts for puerto rico which claims to be the “home of the Piña colada”. I made this drink without the alcohol as I think that Piña colada can be as much a healthy drink as a fun one.


Caribe Hilton Hotel’s Beachcomber Bar in San Juan still swears by its famous Piña colada. Its a must visit spot on the tourist trail and many people enjoy visiting the place for the good stuff and some nostalgia.


Serving size 2

Allergen information

Gluten free, Sugar free, Vegan, Non-alcoholic

NutritionLabel (5)

Prep time  10 min

Cook time  0 min

Passive time  0 min


Ingredients :

1.5 cup (12 oz) Pineapple juice

⅔ cup (6 oz) Coconut cream

½ cup Ice (Optional)

I used the fresh pineapple for this recipe , but store bought pineapple juice will work too. For 1.5 cup of pineapple juice i used half a medium size pineapple.

Cut the pineapple into ice cube sized chunks, blend it and strain the juice.

Take fresh coconut cream. Add to the juice and blend it well. Add Ice according to your preference. I would suggest refrigerating the juice for about 30 minutes  rather than adding ice as it would dilute the flavors of the drink.


I used 12 oz glasses for this. Pour the piña colada in glasses and garnish with a wedge of pineapple ,straw and a umbrella. If you prefer your drink to be alcoholic, the recommended choice of alcohol is puerto rican rum. The generally used amount is between 3-5 oz.

Enjoy 🙂 !!


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Have  a wonderful summer !! Try out some of the recipes on my blog and tell me what recipes you would like to be featured. I would love to hear comments and suggestions from you 🙂 .

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