Peach Raspberry Sorbet

Its summertime and that means lots of cold treats for dessert. Ice cream is a very common dessert but we can also try Sorbet /ˈsɔrbeɪ/ . The word “sorbet” is derived from the arabic word “Sharab” (alcohol) and a corruption of the word for the refreshing drink “Sherbet” a derivative of the same root. For today’s recipe I present to you – Peach Raspberry Sorbet. This delightful sorbet can be prepared very easily and tastes delicious when prepared with fresh as well as frozen fruit.



You can use frozen peaches or freeze the peaches for a couple of hours as it makes it easier to peel off the skin. I used eight peaches. Deseed and cut them into chunks. 3

Take one small pint of raspberries for this recipe. I used fresh fruit. The raspberries add a beautiful red color to the sorbet and a sweet-tart twist to the dense sweetness of the peaches. I also added a small piece of beetroot to the blend to get a vibrant eye popping color for the sorbet 🙂


Blend the peaches,  raspberries,  beetroot (optional ) and 4 tbsp palm sugar or any other sweetener of your choice in a blender/food processor until smooth. Line a baking tray or any other container of your choice with parchment paper and transfer the sorbet mixture into it and freeze for 5-6 hours, with frozen fruits it would take 2-3 hrs. Although keep in mind the freezing time also depends on how cold and how full your freezer is.


NutritionLabel (5)

Serving Size 4

Allergen information

Gluten free, Soy free, Vegan


For serving : Use an ice cream scoop for serving dollops of the delicious sorbet into bowls and garnish with additional peach slices and a sprig of fresh mint leaves.


Enjoy !!

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Have  a wonderful summer !! Try out some of the recipes on my blog and tell me what recipes you would like to be featured. I would love to hear comments and suggestions from you 🙂

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