Melon Mint Salad

Summer is in full swing and what better way to enjoy hot summer afternoons than a fresh healthy salad. Extreme heat is very harmful to the body. It is always a good idea to keep yourself hydrated. Fresh fruits are a good way of getting essential nutrients and keeping hydrated. Melons are one of the most popular summer fruits. They are primarily composed of water, fiber and sugars. Watermelons always remind me of hot summers in India and my childhood. Summer holidays were full of indoor games, watching cartoons and fruit salads. For today’s recipe, I have a refreshing melon and mint salad with watermelon and cantaloupe as the base, soaked in a tangy sweet orange lemon juice blend and topped with freshly chopped mint leaves. The freshness of mint combined with the sweet cold watermelon is balanced by the mellow sweetness of cantaloupe. The lemon and orange add a tangy citrusy zestiness to the  sweet salad. This makes this recipe perfect for an afternoon salad.


Ingredients :

1/2 Cantaloupe

½ Watermelon

2oz Mint leaves

4 tbsp Lemon juice

1 Orange

4 tbsp Agave nectar

Allergen Information :

Gluten free, Soy free, Dairy free, Egg free


Serving size 2

Prep time 15 min

Cook time 0 min

Passive time 0 min



Scoop the watermelon cantaloupe into small balls using a melon baller. You could use any sized baller based on your preference but making 1 inch diameter balls is the best because they make for a perfect bite size.


Wash the mint leaves thoroughly. Squeeze the lemon, orange in a bowl, add finely chopped fresh mint leaves to it or you could blend them all using a blender. Add the sweetener of your choice , I used agave nectar and mix it all well.


Add the mixture to the melon balls. Mix the balls to coat them with the juices. This gives a beautiful medley of bright red subtle orange. Let them soak in the juice blend for about 5-10 min. Refrigerate if you prefer it cold.


Garnish it with some mint leaves.

Enjoy !!

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Have  a wonderful summer !! Try out some of the recipes on my blog and tell me what recipes you would like to be featured. I would love to hear comments and suggestions from you 🙂




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