Peanut Energy Bars

    What would you do when you are outside on a trek or a picnic or a hiking trail and you feel hungry , or you are in office working away and you feel the urge to go to the vending machine and grab that cookie. Whenever we need energy to carry on, it should always be from sources that you know are good for you. Processed foods like cookies contain a lot of artificial ingredients, all kinds of refined carbohydrates like high fructose corn syrup and refined sugar. For today’s recipe, I present to you these amazing peanut energy bars. They are packed with protein, fiber and healthy sugars. A good boost of energy puts you right back in the race and gives you the necessary push to go on and achieve your goals.


Ingredients :

1 cup Peanut butter/Fresh Roasted peanuts

5 tbsp Agave nectar

¼ cup Egg replacer

¼ cup Rice protein/powder

4 tbsp Flax seeds

7 Pitted Dates

¼ cup Sunflower seeds

6 tbsp Hulled hemp seeds

3 tbsp Olive oil

¼ cup Dried cranberries

¼ cup Almonds


Serving size Prep time Cook time Passive time
1  20 minutes 0 Minutes 60 Minutes



Add all the dry ingredients i.e., Egg replacer, rice protein/powder, flax seeds, sunflower seeds, hulled hemp seeds to a food processor first and make a smooth powder. Then add the pitted dates, peanut butter/fresh Roasted peanuts, agave nectar , olive oil, half of cranberries and half of almonds and blend everything together. Later mix the remaining cranberries and sliced the almonds and add to the mixture.


Transfer the mixture to non stick mold and compact the mixture. Freeze it for 1 hour. Remove it from freezer and cut into blocks. This mixture can make 6 energy bars and each bar is about 420 calories. You can save them in a zip-lock bag. These energy bars can be stored in the refrigerator for about 2 weeks. They can be left out in the open for a few hours if not carried in a cold pack.

Enjoy 🙂 !!


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