Apple green smoothie

Today’s recipe is about a healthy nutritious shake that is one of my favorite breakfasts. It has the goodness of apples, the nutrients of spinach, the sweetness and minerals from bananas and protein.It is also yummy delicious and easy to drink. A perfect way to start your detox day.


Ingredients :

2 Fuji Apples

2 cups Baby Spinach

1 Cucumber

1 Banana

½ cup Almond milk

½  tsp  Cinnamon


Serving size Prep time Cook time Passive time
1 10 minutes 0 Minutes 0 Minutes


Step 1:

Add the apples, spinach, bananas, cucumber, almond milk and cinnamon in a blender and blend it till smooth.

Transfer it to a jar and garnish with cinnamon.


I’m doing a 21 day detox regimen and you can see a new recipe each day for the next 10 days. Make sure to follow the rest of the simple and easy recipes.

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